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The Guide to Online Casino Philippines and Online Casino Game Philippines

📅 Sep 05, 2022  🕠 03:09 AM


Having encountered online casino Philippines will make you ponder on a number of reflections. More specifically, “Are Filipinos natural-born gamblers?” Marvin Castell and Joel Tanchuco, economics professors at the De La Salle University, posted this question in a paper they wrote in 2004 on what they described as a “habitual and pervasive social activity” among Filipino people. This was way before there was a wonderful PHP-365 online casino Philippines site or any online casino game Philippines that you can play. But ever since before the birth of online casino Philippines, gambling has been enjoyed as a form of entertainment by thousands of Filipinos and it includes online casino game Philippines.

The hype is real whether in land-based casinos or even in the online casino Philippines especially PHP-365. However, when the global pandemic happened, it restricted people to leave the comforts of their own homes. With that being said, it resulted to online platforms rapidly gaining more popularity, not only in the Philippines, but also to the whole wide world. Due to Covid-19, a lot of Filipinos were greatly affected. Many lost their jobs, some were depressed and lonely, and some are so bored out literally everyday without having anything to do. Luckily, online casino Philippines comes to the rescue! In online casino Philippines, you do not even have to leave the house or to worry how you look. You can be in your most comfortable sleepwear and can still be entertained and of course, because you are gambling, you won’t miss out the feeling of thrill. Online casino Philippines allows you to be you while having fun. Technically, you can play your favorite online casino game and you can also bid virtually which is literally so convenient. Many people likes the feeling of the real-gambling experience, there is no denying to that, but online casino Philippines has a lot to offer and you do not want to miss it out! Online casino Philippines has its own unique feelings and perks aside from the fact that it is so convenient for a lot of Filipinos. Needless to say, this type of industry will continue to progress even more in the future.

The Vast History of Online Casino Philippines

Historians believe that gambling activities has been existent in the Philippines even before the dawn of time. And yes, way before there was the magical world of the Internet and of PHP-365 online casino Philippines. In the Pearl of the Orient – the Philippines – gambling activities were first recorded in the 16th century. Although many of them were coming from China, it does not mean that the country of the Philippines does not have their own unique forms of gambling. To name a few – there are billiards, wide variation of card games, cockfights, and many others. However, in the terms of being legal and not, up to the present including the set up with online casino Philippines, the process has been taking swings back and forth. In the 19th century, the Spaniards banned all the gambling activities except for horse racing bets which was allowed on 1912 for fundraising purposes. In 1976, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) was made. It is a government-owned and controlled corporation established through the Presidential Decree 1869. This organization regulates and manages all gambling and betting activities. Back in 2017, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation banned all the illegal and non-licensed Filipino gambling operators. A government official said, “Gambling is not a sin. Even priests and nuns come to the casinos asking for jobs for their parishioners.” As such, regulation is key both in land-based casinos and with online casino Philippines.


Six years after online casino game Philippines was given the green light, there were hundreds of sites that accepted users from this country and PHP-365 online casino Philippines was one of them. Time went by, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) has given several dozen operating licenses to online casino Philippines. By this time, Filipinos have the leverage to gamble at platforms licensed elsewhere. Online casino Philippines such as Malta, Curacao, and many more online casinos keep their cyber doors open to a lot of Filipino players who wants to gamble. Since it is not that difficult for Filipino players to gamble online, an extensive range of online casino Philippines has been made to cater and entertain the players.

Unfortunately enough, a site that reviews the most popular online casino Philippines sites has pointed out that not all casinos are equally good. Because of this, it is important on your end as a player or gambler to be to assess which ones are best for you to play on. We can only give approval to several platforms so you have to be wary about which ones you can trust. There is also a set of online casino game Philippines that the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) allows Filipinos to access. The likes of roulette, blackjack, slots, and even sports betting which is only possible to happen because the Philippine’s law allows online sports betting and all these online casino game Philippines you can enjoy at PHP-365 online casino as they have been licensed to operate. According to the Court of Appeals, nothing is stopping Filipinos from betting on foreign sportsbooks that accept players based in the Philippines.

It is also known that various online casino Philippines sites like PHP-365 have been a big help to the economy of the country. A study conducted by Technavio Research noted that in 2015, over 67 percent of foreign tourists in the Philippines visited a gambling hub in Manila. Furthermore, according to the article prepared by the Department of Economic Statistics (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas), the revitalized casino and gaming industry is turning out to be of growing importance for the Philippines and its economy, having generated about ₱158 billion (US$3.3 billion) in gross gaming revenues in 2016 and ₱172 billion (US$3.4 billion) in 2017. The freedom of the gaming industry and preferential tax treatment the industry enjoyed led to the entry of foreign investments from non-resident casino and hotel operators, giving rise to the establishment of integrated casino resorts inside and outside Metro Manila. Basing on the data recorded from Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), there are a total of 50 operational casinos in the Philippines as of 2017- of which 27 are exclusively owned and operated by PAGCOR, 14 are co-owned and operated by PAGCOR through joint ventures, and 9 privately owned and operated casinos. From the present up to the future, Filipino has been invested in gambling, even more today with the involvement of technology advancement, and so assured the progress of online casino Philippines and the proliferation of online casino game Philippines.

The enticing game variety of online casino Philippines

Playing online casino game Philippines at PHP-365 is very easy for Filipino players. All you need to have is any electronic gadget or computer, whichever you prefer; a smooth internet connection; a registered account with an online casino Philippines site, and of course money. If you have all of these, then you are good to go! You can freely choose your preferred online casino game Philippines and place some bets of your choice. However, in the world of online casino Philippines, there are some things you should consider before choosing a game. You must learn the characteristics of every game and consider the online casino game Philippines that best suits your skills and techniques when playing. From slot machines to roulette, for example, these type of games have the same thing in common that makes them attractive to casino players worldwide, in spite of having different rules.

Before choosing an online casino game at PHP-365, any particular online casino game Philippines must have these characteristics: (1) be based on luck and chance (2) Accepting a bet before the game (3) Have different versions (4) A game lasts only seconds (5) The bank usually has the advantage. However, there may be some exceptions. Like for example, online games such as poker games can lasts for hours. Simultaneously, titles like blackjack offer an almost equal advantage between the dealer and the player. Furthermore, one of the many reasons why online casino game Philippines continues to progress and there are a lot of online casino options to choose from is the fact that the number of casino players in the country of Philippines keeps on getting wide as well.

As what has been mentioned earlier, the sets of online casino game Philippines that are being offered are varied from one online casino site to the other. Some of the most common games though with PHP-365 online casino with the others can include:


  • Slot machines (also available as slot machines or slots).
  • Online blackjack, also known as 21.
  • The online roulette, the original is the French one.
  • Dice, especially Craps.
  • Online bingo and its video version.
  • Online poker and its video version.
  • Sic bo.
  • Online baccarat.

Each one of these games has a lot of unique characteristics that made it more thrilling and exciting. Since there are wide range of options to choose from, it only depends on you on which online casino game Philippines you want to explore and play at PHP-365 online casino. Not only that, if you are very much worried that online casino Philippines cannot met you expectations or your ideas of gambling, your worries is worthless; these days, there are a lot of options to play games with real professional dealers virtually. Find the most comfortable place in your home and experience the top-tier thrill of these live casino games such as Live blackjack, Live roulette, Live poker, and Live baccarat. In addition, there are also exclusive games like Monopoly. It is a game played with a host to reflect the specials feels of a game show on television where you are the only protagonist of the game.

Sometimes, isn’t it more thrilling and exciting when you are just enjoying an online casino game Philippines by yourself? Rest assured though that at PHP-365 online casino, there will never be any dull moments because there are classic games that you can play again and there are also new ones that will spice up your online casino Philippines overall experience. Over and above that, there are also games which you can enjoy without signing up. It can only be possible since online casino Philippines is about getting profits and being entertained. You might ask, how do you play games for free? Well, there are pretty much different ways to do it in online casino Philippines. In some cases, it is very simple and not without requirements. In others, some are behind the registration and even a deposit. You can play for free with (1) demos available, (2) with a free spins bonus, and lastly (3) on a gaming website. This free games are easy, in addition, there are online casino Philippines that gives you a welcome bonus of up to PHP 18,000.00. Free play game is such an advantage for casino players because; you just try it out and pray hard if Lady Luck will be in your side. In playing free play game, you have got nothing to lose. It allows you to practice your skills, strategy, and luck. It is also ideal way to know a best online casino Philippines.

Aside from free game play, you can also enjoy the fun of a real money play at PHP-365 online casino Philippines. Yes, you read that right, you can really earn money through online casino games. Just because the game is digital does not mean you will only win virtual prizes because the game is real at online casino Philippines and you can win real money. In fact, it is one of the most attractive features of online casino Philippines that gamblers are really looking forward to. When you get to be at the comfort of your home, having fun while having the leverage of earning money, what more can you ask for more, right? Just make sure to not be out of luck. If you want to play a real money play at online casino Philippines, follow these steps: (1) choose a game from the catalog, (2) decide how much money you will use, (3) make a bet, (4) if you win, you will definitely get your prize directed to your account, (5) make sure to withdraw your winnings or you can deposit some more if you want to level up your game. Your prizes will depend on your chosen online casino game Philippines.

At PHP-365 slot machines, for example, you could hit a millionaire jackpot! And this is for real by the way – it is not some false promotion because there are actual winners. As well as in the blackjack, you could receive your double bet. In the industry of online casino game Philippines, it is very essential to monitor your money and time spent because honestly speaking, online casino game Philippines can be so addicting due to the feeling of thrill and excitement brought by gambling. When it comes to money spent, you have to set a certain budget before starting with any game. You do not want to keep spending money because you have lost and you want to get that money back. This will only endanger you of spending money that is not meant for gambling leisure so you have to be very careful. As for time spent, again, any online casino game Philippines can turn out to be addicting if you really like it. So set a timer if you have to because you do not want to end up neglecting the more important things in your life that you need to prioritize over gambling online.

Best technology for online casino game Philippines


The wide range of online casino game Philippines at PHP-365 are so easy to enjoy in whichever technology you may prefer. Years ago, it is very difficult to enjoy online games but in today’s generation, it is easier than ever before, what with anything and everything that you can do on the internet. In the country of the Philippines, mobile games are so much popular. Playing an online casino game Philippines using your mobile devices, iPad, or the tablet gives you enough space and eliminates the other barriers, giving you enough freedom to find leisure of online casino game Philippines anywhere in the world. You have two options to explore: (1) official application, and (2) mobile version. These catalogs are made with the thought that you can have fun in your cell phones as long as you have a stable internet connection in place. If you prefer using computers, however, you particularly need these programs installed: (1) HTML, and (2) Flash. There are some computers that already have these programs installed, so you do not have to worry that much.

PHP-365 online casino game Philippines nowadays has the best graphics, holograms, and even soundtracks that are no different from video games. It is all thanks to software providers that you are able to enjoy the best online casino Philippines that you are experiencing today. Software providers created different platforms that appeal to all Filipino gamblers and the whole online casino Philippines industry. To name a few popular software providers, there are NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, MGA, Microgaming, and many others. If online casino Philippines offers you one of these catalogs, you can be rest assured that you are in front of a quality list. All these software providers that have been mentioned here have the best platform in the industry of online casino Philippines. If you want to know the best recommendations of the players in the Philippines, there are a lot of options: • Hall of the Mountain King ™ (Quickspin). • Ocean’s Treasure ™ (NetEnt). • Testament (Play N ‘Go). • The Incredible Balloon Machine ™ (Microgaming). • Larry the Leprechaun ™ (Wazdan). However, all games mentioned above were all slot machine games. Albeit, there are more variation of games such as dice, bingo, and various card games. One thing is for sure, you will enjoy PHP-365 online casino game Philippines one way or another.

The unique gaming atmosphere of Online Casino Philippines


One thing that casino players must consider when choosing a casino both in online and land-based casinos is the atmosphere of the casino and, of course, the game setting. In land-based casinos or also known as traditional casinos, players are so hyped up. If you have watched some gambling movies, traditional casinos in LA are so luxurious-looking. Some are like total places of entertainment in the midst of hotels and resorts. You would want to just stay and relax in such a place for sure. It is no different from the casinos here in the Philippines really. People who go to these luxurious casinos even dress up to jive with the rich atmosphere. The overall allure of land-based gaming is something no casino player can dismiss. The glamour, the clanking of shot glasses and slot machines, the excitement façade of the players, the thrill, and the personal interaction between players, the defeated looks, and the satisfying laughter of the gamblers. These are things you are only able to see in land-based casinos. Regardless of how glamorous and thrilling land-based/traditional casinos are, you can never just ignore the advantages of PHP-365 online casino Philippines as well.

As mentioned earlier, in the land-based casinos, players need to dress up in like a suit or their most extravagant dress and they specifically need to set a time to visit. In the PHP-365 online casino Philippines set up however, you do not need to make that extra effort to look good, unless you want to. Most importantly, you can play any time you feel most convenient to play. You can play during your break time or before going to bed or during your leisure time on the weekends. You have full control over how you want your online casino Philippines experience to be or which online casino game Philippines you want to go with first. Online casino Philippines is highly customizable and is made specifically for you to gamble and be entertained way easier than you ever experienced before.

With the help of the most recent technological advancements, PHP-365 online casino game Philippines keeps on getting more thrilling. From the graphics, incredible holograms, and even soundtracks of the online games! It is comparable with and even exceed that of the exciting feeling you have experienced in traditional casinos in the past. There are a lot of software providers who have a lot of platforms in online casino Philippines and they are so good on mimicking the thrill and the fun of a real-gambling experience. Traditional or land-based casinos offers you the incomparable thrill that you have to experience in your life while online casino Philippines gives you the convenience while still having the atmosphere of thrill without you needing to leave the house which is so advantageous for you. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, every casino player should be reminded that both traditional and online casino games have their own advantages and disadvantages over the other, and it all boils down to how the player wants to be entertained through the games. Basically, it still depends on you on which do you prefer the most when gambling. After all, both online casino Philippines and traditional casino never lacks out of giving their customers the most fun and exciting game to play.

The difference of online casino Philippines from other countries

In order to gauge how PHP-365 is doing as an online casino Philippines site offering an enticing selection of online casino game Philippines, it would be sensible to compare and contrast it with other countries. More specifically, Asia is home to forty-nine (49) countries, and that yields to sixty percent (60%) of the world’s population residing in the said continent. It might interest you to know that Asia is the world’s largest gambling market and yes, that would definitely include online casino Philippines in there. Casinos have been part of Asia’s form of entertainment since time immemorial. Interestingly, each of the forty-nine (49) countries has their own set of rules and ideas in terms of gambling. Respectfully, due to religious beliefs, traditions and customs, gambling is banned in all Muslim countries. They are very strict when it comes to this matter.


Aside from that, there are quite many countries in Asia that you can gamble online safely. Of course, one of those would be at PHP-365 online casino Philippines. The country of the Philippines has a very different attitude as a nation towards online gaming as compared to other Asian countries. The government-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) regulates all the land-based as well as online casino Philippines, sports betting, bingos, etc. If the online casino that you desire to play is licensed with Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), then you are pretty much safe to play it. Surely, other people from different sides of the globe love to gamble, including people from Thailand. Their government does not care or takes any action to the online betting unless necessary. Or from Macau who, apart from Philippines, has such a lenient laws when it comes to online gambling. Macau is even considered as the country who has the most luxurious and glamorous casino in the world.

Regardless, the Philippines is also one of the countries that is known for being a gambling heaven! And what with PHP-365 online casino Philippines now operating in the country and the opportunities have been endless. The Philippines as a tropical country has a lot of tourist spots that people from other countries are dying to see. You may not believe this but the country is also known as a casino destination for a lot of foreigners. It is one of the best hubs for Asian gamblers and others looking for something different and unique. Las Vegas and Macau are probably on every casino tourist’s bucket list, but we should not dismiss the Philippines as an appealing casino destination. The competitiveness of Filipino players when it comes to online betting is what makes the online casino Philippines different from the other ones. Well, as what has been said of the country, it is more fun in the Philippines - and this has a true ring to it.

The benefits of the online casino Philippines

The casino and gambling industry has always stirred some heated debate among Filipino people whether it is beneficial or not and whether it poses as a threat or opportunity its people. The debates have now intensified as PHP-365 online casino Philippines has also been dominating ever since the lockdown that have been caused by the pandemic. It cannot be denied that people are looking for something that can entertain them even if they are just at home. As the casino industry continues to dominate the country, being also known to various islands in the Philippines, the discussion and opinion about this industry also increases. Online casino Philippines: is it beneficial or not for its legally-aged citizens? The thing that had not been brought up in the past regarding with this topic is the advantage of both online casino Philippines and traditional casinos in the aspect of social and economic benefits to the country. However, today more than ever, Filipinos seem to comprehend it very well, especially if the platforms that are open are reputable gambling venues. It is undoubtedly true that the reliable gambling establishments are very beneficial and outweigh drawbacks.

One suitable example for this is the online gambling industry. In the legal online casino Philippines sites that are listed over the internet, the wagering comes with literally zero drawbacks. If you would ask for most of the players’ viewpoint of PHP-365 online casino Philippines in particular, they would surely say that the gambler’s deposits are safe; the games are fair; and the gambling experience does not lack and is in fact, topnotch. Furthermore, if you would look at the online casino Philippines industry in a social and economic viewpoint, you will definitely see that the benefits of the said industry are even stronger than before. The reason is because online casino Philippines creates job opportunities. Do you know what more jobs mean? It means more legal money for the economy of the country. You do not have to worry in terms about wagering in online casino Philippines as any gambling sites that is legal and is regulated by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) can never fraud you of your money as it would be necessary for them to answer the PAGCOR if they ever do. The risk for developing a gambling problem in a reputable online casino is pretty non-existential these days, which is actually a social benefit of a legitimate casino in the Philippines.


You will know that you are playing in a legitimate casino like PHP-365 online casino Philippines because there are significant rules such as it limits the players from depositing and betting. These restrict the size of deposits and bets players can make and completely root out problem-gambling behavior. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, there are pretty a lot more of benefits online casino Philippines and traditional casinos can bring to the country! This includes increased tax revenue. You see, however hard, the government of the Philippines tries so hard to seek for more sources that could increase tax revenue. Fortunately, there is easier way to fix this. It is to develop a lot of legal casinos in the country. Legal casinos can do a good job of increasing the tax revenue a lot, a news pleasing for the government. The more the legal casinos there are in both online casino Philippines and land-based, the more tax money the government will be able to generate. The casino industry, both in online casino Philippines such as PHP-365 and land-based casinos, employ quite a lot of people in order for it to operate smoothy. As such, this implies increased economic activity in the country. This only happens because the casino industry does not only increase tax revenue directly, but as well as indirectly. To put it in more simple words, legal casinos put more money to the pocket of the people who owns and works for casino. In addition to that, casinos also increase the cash flow in connected businesses that operate in or around them. This means that the restaurants, bars, and dining areas also see a lot of windfall from legal gambling establishments and from playing online casino game Philippines. But, of course, people’s money cannot stay in their pockets forever. It will circulate and stir the country’s economy one way or the other. This means more money for small enterprises, individual business owners, and more money in tax revenue. Sounds great and really beneficial, isn’t it? Believe it or not, another benefit to online casino Philippines is that it can cause a reduction in the criminal rates in the country.

Due to poverty and lack of job opportunities, many of the Filipino people resorts to doing ungodly deeds to feed their families. It is long before that casinos are involved in crimes such as mobs. Nowadays, the casino industry is just like any other businesses which also employ workers who work to earn for a living and for their families. It is also known to everybody that when there are legal online casino Philippines such as PHP-365, the illegal ones decrease in number as well as the number of crime rates decrease in the country of the Philippines. It is because crimes usually happen in the illegal establishments or platforms. So obviously, when the Philippines is able to lessen illegal casinos, then it also helps lessen the crime rates. Another benefit that playing online casino game Philippines brings has to do with more money being spent for charitable donations. Because of the involvement of illegal casinos to crimes happening in the country before, it might be hard for Filipinos to believe this but the case is that gambling industry necessarily has to give a portion of their revenues to charity. Although there is a lot of discontent regarding this issue from the public whether the gambling industry fails to meet the donation target, the truth is done on voluntary process.

There are fair share of disadvantages as well, of course, it might also be the reasons why Filipinos has some sort of bad blood to land-based or traditional casinos, even more of online casino Philippines. Well, for example, gambling addiction. There is no denying that gambling can be so addicting due to the feeling of thrill and excitement when you play. But it can also be the factor to train oneself to be more disciplined in life. You see, in online casino game Philippines, you need to regulate everything when you play including the money and time spent. It actually depends on you how online casino game Philippines can be made beneficial for you. To conclude everything that has been stated, Fachai online casino Philippines is made for your pure entertainment and in your most convenient time. Online casino Philippines is not here to cause you problems, but to offer help not only to people but also to the social and economic factors of the Philippines. Earn money, be thrilled, place bets, and play among players and professional dealers!


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